Panel Participants Announced for Sixth Scenarios Initiative Project

The CGA Scenarios Initiative is pleased to announce an extraordinary panel for the sixth workshop funded by the Carnegie Corporation.

 The workshop on Syria will feature an exceptional panel of participants, including:

  • Samir Aita – Economist, A Concept/Mafhoum
  • Amr Al-Azm  – Middle East History, Shawnee State University
  • Gregory Gause – Political Science, University of Vermont
  • Bassam Haddad – Middle East Studies, George Mason University
  • Steven Heydemann – Middle East Initiatives, United States Institute of Peace
  • Josh Landis – Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oklahoma
  • Robert Malley – Middle East and North Africa, International Crisis Group
  • George Saghir – Economist, Saghir Advisory Services Co.
  • David Schenker – Arab Politics, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
  • Steven Simon – Executive Director IISS-US and Corresponding Director IISS-ME
  • Joshua Walker – Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow